Today's language

We don't generally include words that are no longer part of the commonly used language. This means we want convincing proof of existence of the word.

Of course, any language contains foreign words (loan words). It is just the word frequency (excluding foreign quotes) that makes it an accepted word or not. If one of the forms of a word is included, we want the others to be in the list as well. (Walk, walks, walking; man, men; great, greater etc.)


We don't include any 'word' that is not pronounced as a word. So we banish:
- Units of measurement that are not pronounced as written, like km, ml, hl etc.
- chemical elements: Na, Li, He etc.
- Abbreviations with a full stop in them, like jr., mr.
but... we accept words that are spelled instead of pronounced fluently, like suv, hiv, iq
and... we accept abbreviations that are pronounced as a word, like aids.

Accents and non-letters
These are dropped to make the words fit withing the range of the official Scrabble letter set.
Proper names

Proper names of people, places, objects, products etc. are not allowed. Some of these have however became a label for something else as well. The city of Bordeaux is famous as capital for the area where the wine type bordeaux is produced. So 'bordeaux' is allowed because of the wine.

Help us improve

When, having read the rules, you feel we have included a word against the rules, or we left one out, use the suggestions form to provide this feedback.