Language of today

For every language, we accept words or reject words based on their actual use in recent documents. We gather (harvest) language information to check that. So it could happen that a word you would think 'right' is so little used that it is not found anywhere by us, and not put in the list. Some dictionaries contain words like this.

For the same reason, we could have a word, that is not in a dictionary (yet), because it is quite new, or because it is not 'interesting' enough for a dictionary.

For all thinks you consider maybe incorrect, please inform us using the feedback form for your language, and help us make things even better.

missing yours?

We would love to do every existing language. But to be able to do so, your language has to have resonable internet presence and a list of some thousand correct words to start with. You can help us. Provide us with a big enough list of words and some sites that use the language regularly. We can then start to collect the data for your language.